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The Pickerington Police Communiations Division now employs nine (9) full time dispatchers, including one chief dispatcher.

Communications is the heart of any emergency response agency. Coordination and communication with other agencies is a vital everyday occurrence.  The Pickerington Police Communications Division provides operator and emergency dispatching service for the City of Pickerington.

The radio dispatching service in the facility is second to none and was built to continue to provide excellent communication services with other agencies.

In 2013, two of the department's dispatchers attended a Telecommunications Emergency Response Team (T.E.R.T.) course and are now two of the first Ohio Telecommunicators to become certified.

Also in 2013, the department completed an upgrade to our 911 system to an IP Based 911 system.  This software upgrade will support Next Generation (NG) call types.  The application allows us to add NG911 functionality for text, digital photo, and video, as well as other types of calls and alerts.  The update will make it easier to navigate transfer buttons, extra mapping will be available on the 911 screen, telephone history look-up feature right on the 911 screen, rolodex with an instant call out feature on the 911 screen, telephone number call back is right on the 911 screen, and the ability to listen in on a 911 call that was answered at another station.

Help Us Help You:  Your Guide to Calling 911 Emergency Services

Communications Division Activities

During 2013, each dispatcher averaged approximately 4,104 calls for service.  The total number of dispatched calls for service and 911 service runs was 32,829.  911 alone accounted for 6,815 calls for service.

Dispatching and Data Entry

In addition to their everyday responsibilities in emergency medical dispatching, Communications personnel also serve as deputy clerks of court, receptionists, clerical support, filing, and as records clerks. Dispatchers process all organizational reports, court information, and in-coming activities.  Technicians handle the collection, review, storage, and distribution of all police and accident reports, citations, affidavits, charges, warrants, and departmental arrest journals.


A recent LEADS/NCIC (Law Enforcement Automated Dispatch System / National Crime Identification Center) audit produced outstanding results.  The division was consistently rated with over a 100% compliance rate on all vehicle, missing persons, warrants, and criminal history entries within and from the system.


Carolyn Sharp, Communications Supervisor, is the department’s Custodian of Records. She is responsible for insuring that the department adheres to its retention schedule and must be familiar with the ever changing Ohio Public Records Laws to protect the rights of the public, the department, as well as those of the individual. Mr. Ron McDowell provides copies of reports and also provides the media with public record information when requested.

Records Management

The Communications Division is responsible for maintaining the department's records insuring that the department adheres to its retention schedule and must be familiar with the ever-changing Ohio Public Records Laws to protect the rights of the public, the department, as well as those of the individual.

The Police Department's record management program is a comprehensive system that was installed to streamline the data entry for personnel matters, reporting, calls for service, and tracking and correlating crime trends.  This records management system reduced the number of different types of software the department had been using to track like and similar information  The software will allow the department to expand its records management and dispatching services in the near future.