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Patrol Information
Commander: Tod Cheney
Sergeants: Jason Bontrager, Abe Harroon, David Silvernail, and Chad Wallace, 

Dean Brown, Tom Spreen, Rick Hoagland, Shaun Mikicic, Stephen Snyder, James Gallager, Corey Flanagan, Nathan Fries, Nicholas Baehr, Jeremy Collier, Eric Wagner, Jan Carter, and Tyler Brewer
Auxiliary Officers:
Mercedes Gavin, Ryan Meeks, Dan Simcox, Todd Chambers, Jarrid Dailey, and Matthew Swaney










Activities & Events

Sgt. Chad Wallace and Cmdr. Tod Cheney both attended The Ohio State University Public Safety Leadership Academy within the last year.

Chief Taylor encourages the highest level of training for his staff.

The Patrol Section serves as the backbone of any law enforcement agency. The officers assigned are typically the first responders and are the front line between the public and the criminal element. The officers serving in the Patrol Section fulfill and carry out many of the department’s community relations programs.

Bicycle Patrol

The department believes in a proactive approach toward policing. One element of this approach is bicycle patrol. The program utilizes three fully equipped bikes in its effort to serve the public. All officers in the Division participate in the bicycle patrol program which offers an advantage of rapid deployment in areas not readily assessable to motor vehicles. Bicycles are used in business districts, parks, community events, and residential areas. Everyone benefits from the program. Residents and visitors enjoy more one to one officer-citizen contact, better cooperation in problem solving, and an improvement in overall fitness for the officer through physical exercise.

Calls for Service

Calls for service is a direct measure of how busy and active an agency is during the year. The department continues to experience a steady increase in the number of calls for service it receives. The department’s many community relations programs are a constant request for service.

Patrol Reports Taken

Type of Incident 2014 2015
Accidents - Property Damage 512 548
Accidents - Injury 46 46
Accidents - Fatal 2 1
Assault/Fights 36 36
Domestic/Disturbance 134 129
Robbery 4 12
Theft - Auto 17 12
Theft - Petty 272 305
Theft - Grand 127 172
Theft - Identity 21 32
Burglary/Breaking & Entering 41 39
Criminal Damage/Vandalism 54 72
Drug Related 79 107
OVI 66 53


Total Calls for Service
2014 2015
28,413 29,045
9-1-1 Calls 6,075 7,377