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Meter Installation Requirements

Deduct Meter

Deduct Meter Fee $287.33

Deduct meters must be purchased from the City to ensure that the meter is compatible with the City meter reading equipment. The deduct meter is installed before the outdoor faucet and meters water passing through just that meter. The combined usage on both meters determines the amount billed for water. In the event that the combined usage is over 12,000 gallons per month, the excessive water fee is billed on all usage over the 12,000 gallons. The sewer fee will not be billed on water passing through the deduct meter.

After the deduct meter has been paid for and the resident has the plumbing ready for installation of the meter, contact the billing office at 614-833-2289 to schedule the installation. 24 hours advance notice is required. For information on how to do the plumbing, contact the Utilities Maintenance office at 614-833-2292.


Meter Installation Requirements