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Pothole Repair

The City of Pickerington encourages residents to notify the City if they see troublesome potholes in City streets.

Residents are encouraged to call the City’s Utility Complex at 614-833-2292 to report potholes. Crews will attempt to patch potholes within two working days after a problem is reported.

Potholes are usually caused by weather conditions. Common causes for potholes include excess moisture underneath road surfaces along with ground movement from the freezing and thawing of roads.

City street maintenance crews patch potholes on a year-round basis. A mix of tar and gravel, commonly called cold-patch asphalt, is used as a temporary fix. This “temporary fix” can benefit area drivers by preventing vehicle damage caused by potholes.

A more permanent solution is the use of hot patch asphalt. Hot patch asphalt is a mixture consisting of gravel and hot tar. Different grades of gravel are used which result in a smoother road surface. Hot patch asphalt is normally used for street resurfacing projects and is available from area asphalt plants in mid-to-late April.