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Wastewater Treatment Tour

Located at 525 Hill Road South, the Water Reclamation Department Treatment Plant serves the greater Pickerington area. It is staffed by a crew of Ohio EPA-certified Waste Water Plant Operators. 

Using state-of-the-art processes such as the 11 micron tertiary disk filters shown above, the plant protects the down-stream portions of Sycamore Creek.

With a well-equipped lab, many self-monitoring and process control analysis' are performed "on-site", saving thousands of dollars each year, versus using an outside contract lab.

One of several computer systems allows constant communication between the operators and the plant. This system also monitors the five remote pumping stations in the collections system.

RAS/WAS number 2 Valve Vault showing various valves.

Blower/MCC building showing Lampson 100 hp aeration blowers

Aeration tanks 3 and 4 in foreground and digesters 1 through 4 in background.

We operate a very clean and efficient treatment plant. If you, or a group, is interested in taking a tour, please call 614-837-6470 for more information or click here to email them.