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Water Leaks

The higher the water usage is, the costlier the bill will be. Being diligent in the repair of water leaks will lower your bill as well as conserve water. One of the best methods for checking for leaks is to look at the water meter when you are not using any water. There is a spinner dial on the meter and if the needle is moving that means water is passing through the meter. A frequent cause of this is toilets that do not flush properly. If the toilet continues to run for longer than normal after flushing this means that the water is continually draining out of the bowl and then pulling water from the tank. You will not see the water on the floor, but it is still pulling water through the meter.

Water softeners that malfunction, a humidifier on a furnace, leaks at the faucet and outdoor faucets left running or with leaks are also culprits. If you think there is a leak and you are unable to determine where it is at you may contact the utilities billing office at 614-833-2289 to schedule an appointment for an employee of the utilities maintenance department to check this for you. It is required that someone is home at the time of the appointment. There is no fee to residents for this service.