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The city has successfully applied for over $10 million in federal grant funding to make these roadway improvements.  The project will add additional lanes, resulting in improved roadway capacity and traffic flow. 

Roadway construction is not expected to begin until September 2018 and be complete in late 2019.  However, many of the private utilities (electric, gas, cable TV, etc.) that have facilities on the corridor need to relocate in advance of the roadway construction.  This work is expected to start within the next few months and last until through summer 2018.

As of now, specific impacts to utility services are unknown, and additional information will be provided by the utility companies.  No significant impacts to services from this work are anticipated at this time.  Traffic will be maintained during the utility relocation work. 

Additional information can be found online on the engineering page of the city website, www.Pickerington.net.  The City is dedicated to providing information to you in the hope of minimizing your inconvenience as this major roadway project is completed. Should you have further questions, please contact us at PavingforProgress@Pickerington.net or by telephone at 614.382.5500