City of Pickerington

Comprehensive Plan

City of Pickerington: Comprehensive Plan Cover

Plan Table of Contents

Intent is for the Comprehensive Plan to be a guiding document that provides overarching Citywide vision for future development and community investments, while maintaining flexibility to adapt to future market conditions and available tools/resources for implementation.

Vision Statement

Economic Development - Maintain high quality public services and a low cost of living for residents by encouraging private investment that enhances the City’s commercial/industrial tax base.

Infrastructure - Ensure the City’s transportation network and utility systems are able to safely and efficiently maintain current service levels and provide adequate capacity to support projected future growth.

Small Town Character - Preserve Pickerington’s unique small town character in a vibrant Olde Village District that attracts people, businesses, and commerce.

Future Expansion - Explore opportunities for expanding the City limits, particularly the potential for growth to the South and the East, to capitalize on future regional connections in the transportation network.

Ecology - Balance smart growth with strategic opportunities to integrate greenspace conservation and recreational opportunities into future development.

Diversity - Continue to be a welcoming community that embraces cultural diversity in a rapidly growing metropolitan area.

Partnerships - Collaborate with regional partners and neighboring communities to ensure Pickerington maximizes its competitive advantages in the Central Ohio marketplace.

Branding - Define a City identity that can be used to market Pickerington as an attractive place to reside, visit, and conduct business.

Public Services - Continue the provision of high quality public services
that ensure that Pickerington remains a community of choice.

Active Transportation - Provide safe, accessible, and inviting multimodal connections between popular destinations within the City and region’s expanding bicycle and pedestrian network.

Focus Areas: Concept Plan

Virtual Workshop Results

The City of Pickerington created a new Comprehensive Plan and recently asked residents to help guide the planning process by participating in a Virtual Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to gain a deeper understanding on planning issues that have been raised by residents.


Community Survey Results

A community survey was released to gauge public preferences on a variety of planning issues including quality of life, land use, housing, infrastructure, parks, and greenspace. The City received 577 survey responses over a two-month period.