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This page is constantly under construction because of the way we do business. Our officers and staff promote change and become a part of change. Law enforcement in our world today has to be proactive.

The Department’s motto is to “Serve and Protect”. Personnel pride themselves on the personal touch service offered to the community. The department believes in its philosophies of grass roots policing and strives to be proactive rather than reactive. It is for this, and other reasons, that the community continues to strongly support its police department.

Mission Statement

"While demonstrating compassion, provide the highest levels of professional service with integrity, flexibility, and fairness."

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The Division accomplishes this unified goal through the efforts of all its personnel which include several internal components. The Administrative component consists of the chief of police, two police commanders, and an administrative assistant.

The Administrative Commander oversees the Criminal Investigation Unit, the School Resource officers, DARE Officers, and a Community Relations Officer. The administration is responsible for assisting in budget management, purchasing, grant writing, personnel and related issues including labor relations, research and development, planning, policy and organizational development. In order to ensure the highest levels of service the administration works cooperatively with the public, city officials, local school district, community organizations, and other law enforcement agencies. The function of the Investigation unit is to investigate all persons, criminal, drug, missing, and internal violations and misconduct. The Unit is also responsible for identifying and initiating investigations for criminal activity not yet discovered by the public. The Investigative unit is currently comprised of a Detective Sergeant, a Senior Detective and two other detectives.

The Patrol Commander oversees the current 26 member combination full time and auxiliary staffed patrol division. This division is responsible for taking reports for criminal activity, accidents, traffic related offenses, and informational reports. As well as patrolling the streets of the city, interacting with the city residents while they are upholding the law. A court liaison officer will serve as the weekly bailiff for Pickerington Mayor’s Court. All units attend court hearings when required. The Patrol Commander also assists in budget management, purchasing, personnel and related issues including labor relations, research and development, planning and organizational development. A large responsibility for the Patrol Commander is fleet management for patrol vehicles. The patrol division is currently comprised of 4 Patrol Sergeants, 18 fulltime patrol units, 1 K9 Unit, and 4 Auxiliary units.

The Communications Division is comprised of 1 Communications Supervisor, 1 Public Safety Dispatcher III, and 8 Public Safety Dispatchers.

The Communications Division is the heart of any emergency response agency. Receiving calls, 9-1-1 calls and officer radio transmissions as well as coordination and communication with other agencies is a vital everyday occurrence. The Pickerington Police Communications Division provides operator and emergency dispatching service for the City of Pickerington.

In addition to their everyday responsibilities the Communications personnel also serve as deputy clerks of court, receptionists, clerical support, filing and as records clerks. Dispatchers process all organizational reports, court information, and in-coming activities. Technicians handle the collection, review, storage, and distribution of all police and accident reports, citations, affidavits, charges, and warrants. The Communications Division is responsible for maintaining the department's records insuring that the department adheres to its retention schedule and must be familiar with the ever-changing Ohio Public Records Laws to protect the rights of the public, the department, as well as those of the individual.

The Division of Police budget is primarily provided for by two funding elements. A permanent police mill levy and the city's general fund. In addition to these two funding elements, the department aggressively pursues other sources of funding revenue through anti-crime enforcement, seizure and forfeiture, creative grant application, supplemental service contracts, and support from private and community organizations. The Division, city, and tax payers benefit from these and other funding resources. We thank our citizens for their continued support!

Training continues to be a high priority for the Police Department. The Pickerington City Council, Mayor, and City Manager support advanced training activities; therefore, employees receive individual specialized training in accident investigation, OVI (Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence) enforcement, drug interdiction, firearms, human relations, cultural sensitivity, juvenile arrest, active shooter, barricade situations, and management skills. Throughout the year, officers are updated on child abuse, missing children and self-defense tactics.

Training is an ongoing process throughout the police department. Personnel receive training in all areas of police service. The use of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy and local police academies, in-service, and specialized instruction is provided. Based on assignment and position in the department officers also receive higher educational level courses, including such notable law enforcement courses as the Public Safety Leadership Academy, the Police Executive Leadership College, Homeland Security and the FBI National Academy.

Providing essential informational material, training sessions, on station tours and hands on training has become a practice of the Pickerington Police Department. We provide information on current issues the public is dealing with today like identity theft, domestic violence issues, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and in home gun safety. We also offer self-defense classes as personnel allow.

Annually, the department receives letters of compliment and complaints. Each are reviewed and evaluated to determine effectiveness and/or areas for improvement. All are followed up on with the citizen and the officer. All complaints filed with the department are recorded and logged on a departmental complaint log report. The report is evaluated annually to identify areas for improvement and/or concern. Typically, compliments outpace complaints by nearly a 5 to 1 ratio. Officers enjoy a great working relationship with the community. If you have any questions or concerns you may call 614-575-6911 or contact us.

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