City of Pickerington


Building Department

The City of Pickerington Building Department is located at 51 East Columbus Street in Olde Town Pickerington and includes inspection and plans examination functions. We are here to serve the community by answering questions, meeting with property owners to help them understand the requirements of the building code, reviewing plans, issuing permits, and inspecting structures to ensure they are safe for human occupancy.

Remember to call O.U.P.S before you dig.

Ordinances & Codes

The City of Pickerington adopts local laws called ordinances. These ordinances are codified into a numbered structure to make it easier to organize, find, understand, and change. In addition to these local ordinances, the State of Ohio has laws and rules which local municipalities, like Pickerington, can adopt and enforce, such as the building codes. Pickerington is certified by the Ohio Board of Building Standards to enforce both the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio and the 2024 Ohio Building Code.

For One-, Two-, and Three-family residences, the statewide building code is the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio and the 2017 National Electric Code, which are available online.