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As we age, we take steps to maintain and improve our health. The neighborhoods and structures in Pickerington also require maintenance to stay in good "health" as they age. Individual structures and neighborhoods that are not maintained deteriorate beyond a usable point and costs increase.

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods: Individual Property Owner Responsibility. Unfortunately, many people are not responsible owners. That is why citizens band together to ask municipalities to create minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards are what protect surrounding property owners and tenants. Please review the following checklist and take the steps to be a responsible property owner.

The City responds to violations based on the policy of a "complaint-driven" system. We depend upon citizen input concerning the neighborhood in which they live. If you find that a neighbor has moved out and abandoned their home, or if they simply do not maintain the mowing and clean-up of their property, please contact Code Enforcement at 614-833-2204 and provide a proper address and a detailed description of the violation. While we attempt to ensure that community standards are followed, your help is necessary and appreciated.

Violations such as property maintenance and junk vehicle violations typically can take up to a month to step through the legal procedures before the owner gets a summons to appear in Mayor's court to correct the violation, and may take longer.

Property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks and keeping storm drains clear to help avoid standing water (Section 660.05 of the Pickerington Codified Ordinances). If you have questions or concerns, please call 614-833-2204.

With the exception of obvious safety hazards witnessed by the Code Enforcement Officer, it is the complaints of the citizens that guide the Code Enforcement Division in the enforcement of general (non-hazardous) violations.

Please provide your information on contact us page. We appreciate your patience. We do look into every complaint that is submitted.

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*Please note: Due to Ohio Public Records Laws, complaints cannot be guaranteed to be anonymous.

You may also check on the status of your complaint at the following locations: Email Mike Magee, Call 614-833-2204 or Fax 614-833-2273.

Abandoned/Vacant Homes

Registration of all abandoned/vacant homes is required. The registration shall contain the name of the mortgagee, the direct mailing address of the mortgagee and in the case of a corporation or out-of-area mortgagee, the local property management company responsible for the security and maintenance of the property. An annual registration fee in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) shall accompany the registration form. Registration fees will not be prorated. The registration will be valid for the calendar year, or the remaining portion of the calendar year, in which the registration was initially required. Subsequent registration and fees are due January 1 of each year and must be received no later than January 31 of the year due. Please see the forms below for registration.

Abandoned Property Registration Form Abandoned Property Status Change Form

*Buying a bank-owned property? Contact Mike Magee, Zoning Officer, to double-check lien information relating to the property.