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The Access Management Plan was created in 2006 to provide an overall plan to serve as a guide for the future development along and access to certain thoroughfares within the City of Pickerington, namely State Route 256, Refugee Road, Diley Road, Hill Road South, Milnor Road, Lockville Road, and Long Road. The locations proposed herein for unsignalized street intersections, signalized intersections, and access points are goals. Should circumstances warrant and documentation is provided to enable City concurrence, minor alterations to this plan will be considered on a limited, case-by-case basis, and may require Access Management Plan amendment by City Council Ordinance.

This document advocates controlled and managed access to public thoroughfares by consolidation, alteration, and/or elimination of certain existing access points, and by creation of new access points that serve multiple parcels (i.e., shared or cross-access to a common point).

Access Management Plan

Request for Qualifications - Interested consultants are invited to submit their general qualifications to the Engineering Department at 51 East Columbus Street, Pickerington, OH 43147. Consultants for projects will be short-listed from the consultants who have their qualifications on file with the City.

*Consultants who have submitted qualifications anytime after January 1, 2015 do not need to resubmit at this time.

Transportation Improvement Plan - Revised April 2005

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